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Do you want a new layout designed and striped for your parking lot? Quality Asphalt Paving Inc is your place to go! Tell us what you want and we will give you the exact striping layout you have in mind!

Whether it's the parking lot of your office or residential building, we provide striping services for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

We are a family owned and operated business with 20 years of experience.

Other than parking lots, you can use our striping services for your home's basketball court. Your kids will love their game time even more! Call us at 517-568-5884.

If you don't want a new layout but would rather have the old one repaired, we'll do that too! You can ask our team to fix the faded and worn out striping and make it as good as new. You won't believe your eyes when we are done with our work!

Have Your Striping Repaired by Our Skilled Team. Call Us at


Precise striping services for your parking lot

Striping for all places

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Restripe your existing striping layout in no time

Eye-appealing striping layout for your parking lot